Shane & Shane Unveils The Worship Initiative, Vol. 17 (Album)

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Shane & Shane Unveils The Worship Initiative, Vol. 17 (Album)

Christian/Gospel praise and worship talented artists Shane & Shane recently unveiled their newly released album Titled The Worship Initiative, Vol. 17. Their new album comes as a follow up to their other album titled The Worship Initiative Vol. 16. Their newly released album consists of twelve powerful songs and was released Jun 14, 2019, under their name. The Worship Initiative, Vol. 17 is available for download and streaming on all digital platforms online.


About Shane & Shane

These days, that simple, profound truth is the driving force behind all of Shane Barnard and Shane Everett’s decisions, both personally and professionally. The pace is slower and the direction is clearer. The men are simplifying their lives by pairing down, enabling them to stay rooted in their community and church and to be home more with their growing families.

Everett has two daughters, and his wife is expecting a third in June; while Barnard has two girls as well with singer-songwriter wife Bethany Dillon. They have reduced 150 tour dates from last year down to 80. In addition to their weekly classes, they also lead worship at The Porch, a Bible study for 20 and 30-something singles.

“We’ve been in a season of just really coming back to the Gospel and guarding the trust of our hearts and our bandwidth as believers to try to put an emphasis on fostering the heart that loves Christ more than stuff,” Everett reveals. “In light of that, the shows are better, and the ministry’s better. I feel like our relationship as a team—the Shane & Shane team—is healthier. We’re tapping into the Source more. Time with the Lord has really enhanced every area of our ministry and family life. I feel like it’s spilt over into the music.”
“I actually feel like the Lord’s really called Shane and I to speak [our] message to the church a lot more than to the un-churched,” Barnard adds. “Eighty dates is doable, and we do feel called to still have a voice in that way, but the voice isn’t more important than [our] daughters.”
As for where their music lands, Shane & Shane are unapologetic about their message, and in the end, while they hope new record Bring Your Nothing resonates with numerous hearts, they’re satisfied with the impact the songs have already had on their students.
“At least I have eight students who are being blessed by songs,” says Barnard. “That’s good enough for me.”
The Worship Initiative, Vol. 17 Tracks

1. Goodness of God (feat. Bethany Barnard) 5:04
2. Touch the Sky (feat. Dinah Wright) 4:07
3. Lean Back (feat. Davy Flowers) 7:01
4. Give Us Your Heart (feat. Melanie Tierce) 4:50
5. Isn’t He (feat. Candace Payne) 4:43
6. It Is Well (feat. Bethany Barnard & Alex Kissinger) 6:37
7. Jesus Is Better (feat. Davy Flowers) 5:38
8. New Wine (feat. Bethany Barnard) 6:22
9. I Shall Not Want (feat. Bethany Barnard) 4:01
10. Holy Ground (feat. Dinah Wright) 5:36
11. Defender (feat. Davy Flowers) 7:09
12. Broken Vessels (feat. Dinah Wright) 6:00
Released: Jun 14, 2019
℗ 2019 The Worship Initiative

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