Shama Mrema His Brand New Homeschool Anthem (feat. PD) (Single)

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Shama Mrema His Brand New Homeschool Anthem (feat. PD) (Single)

Shama Mrema an African born and American raised, actor, writer, YouTuber, comedian, a Christian rapper, and viral sensation Unveils his Brand new sensational ”Homeschool Anthem” Featuring PD.

Known for hits like “VeggieTales (Remix) (feat. Dru)” and “Chick-fil-A (But It’s Sunday)” his most recent release Homeschool Anthem promises to be captivating.

About Shama Mrema

Shama Mrema is a comedian, actor and rapper with endless creativity. Working with a dynamic team he produced the hit spoof song about the tragedy of wanting Chick-fil-A on a Sunday. His follow up hit “Veggie Tales Remix” pays homage to the cartoon generations of kids have grown up watching. And apparently, it strikes a chord because it’s received more than 4 million views on Facebook alone.

But Shama is more than a catchy tune or a creative lyric. The 26-year-old was born in Tanzania and moved to the US with his family when he was 2. His parents became missionaries and moved back to Tanzania when Shama was 11 to plant churches. “I was very American when I went back so I had to learn the language and the culture with my siblings. I turned 18 and moved back to the US for college,” he tells HIS Morning Crew.

Shama Mrema attended Holmes Bible College in Greenville and graduated in 2015 with a degree in ministry. He worked for a church but had a passion for music, acting, and comedy. In 2016 he got a job with a video production company and his boss encouraged him to work on projects outside of their corporate gigs. “Veggie Tales is one of them and the whole team is glad that it’s doing well and hopefully representing even better than before.”

While creating a viral video is certainly exciting, 2018 will be known for many highs and lows. On September 1st Shama will marry the love of his life, Grace. Which will certainly be one of the best days of life, but it comes after a very difficult season in life.

In January his father suffered a heart attack while driving and was killed in a crash. “I’m thankful for parents who intentionally instilled all types of encouragement for many years. My dad called us leaders when we were followers, he dispelled mediocrity, and pushed us beyond our understanding,” he says. “His words are weighty and that’s thanks to a lifetime of integrity.”

Watch Homeschool Anthem video by Shama Mrema and PD BELOW⇓

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